About Giant

In early 1960, the construction of heavy industrial project scattered all over the Island offered the specialized trucking and forwarding companies an opportunity of rapid growth and “GIANT HEAVY MACHINERY SERVICE CORP.” was established to cope with high demands of container transportation and heavy haulage services. In following years, the company enjoyed the pleasure to take part in this prosperous field and had been keeping the pace with the industrial development to grow stronger.

Safely and quickly carry

In these construction processes, the demand for cargo transport is no longer limited. Most importantly, how to safely and quickly carry miscellaneous goods and equipment to the project site, effortlessly to meet the construction schedule, especially for some unusual size / weight items need new innovative engineering ideas to ensure smooth operation The The company decided to reorganize the project sector as an independent company in 2013, titled "Giant Heavy Machinery Services Limited" to provide integrated turnkey engineering logistics services. From the investigation, investigation, feasibility study, engineering design and planning and other aspects of a more economical and effective way to transport professional and advanced equipment to implement the project logistics, we gradually project logistics process to prove that the customer commission is correct we and they Of the project business.

Our excellentperformance

In terms of overloading and rigging and installation of project equipment enables us to achieve a seamless integrated service through close coordination and clarification to ensure that service success is successful without any omission of any size.

the forerunner of the field

After years of exercise and exercise, we are becoming the forerunner of the field, but with more and more achievements, we will never relax more equipment and manpower to meet customer requirements. In the recent wind turbine project, we provide project logistics services for our own cranes and trailers, making us the main contractor for the business, and the rising wind turbines along the west coast of the island are our best proof of the national renewable energy Contribution to industrial development.